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The success of Caribbean Realty is an innovative and aggressive marketing system where so connecting prospective buyers Puerto Rico and the United States. 

 One of the premier listing advertising mediums on the internet today, listing      syndication does  more than just draw eyes to your listings; it provides you with  more exposure, more leads and  ultimately more sales.

 Enter your listings once and have the opportunity to spread them automatically to over more  50 of the highest trafficked search sites on the internet. 

 Our properties are input to different networks and different systems that connect to multiple  pages as we also have connection with a system called "Handshake" which is a system that  each property comes to systems of hundreds of runners from all over Puerto Rico and the U.S.  making faster sale. 

  Eduardo Irizarry - President REALTOR® Lic. #8824

Eduardo Irizarry - President 

REALTOR® Lic. #8824

       Email Eduardo Irizarry - President     
  Phone: (787) 807-4259
  Cell: (787) 562-4257  
Ramon Molina - REO Manager REALTOR® Lic. #8654

Ramon Molina - REO Manager

REALTOR® Lic. #8654

  Email Ramon Molina - REO Manager  
Phone: 787-807-4259
Cell: (787) 487-3804

Agent Roster

Lucille Previdi Davila Lic. #11797
Lucille Previdi Davila Lic. #11797
Email Lucille Previdi Davila
Cell: (787) 505-8013
Orlando Velazquez Berrios Lic. #12807
Orlando Velazquez Berrios Lic. #12807
Email Orlando Velazquez Berrios
Cell: 787-532-2000
Hiram Hernandez - REALTOR® Lic. #14898
Hiram Hernandez - REALTOR® Lic. #14898
Email Hiram Hernandez - REALTOR®
Cell: 787-649-2995
Rosangela Narvaez Lic. #16049
Rosangela Narvaez Lic. #16049
Email Rosangela Narvaez
Cell: (787) 605-1593
Idalia Soto Lic. #17685
Email Idalia Soto
Cell: (939) 218-3609
Francisco Torres Lic. #9036
Francisco Torres Lic. #9036
Email Francisco Torres
Cell: 787-594-8167
Aixa Malave REALTOR®  Lic. #10959
Aixa Malave REALTOR® Lic. #10959
Email Aixa Malave
Cell: 787-317-8959
Margery Agosto REALTOR®  Lic. #17451
Margery Agosto REALTOR® Lic. #17451
Email Margery Agosto
Cell: (787) 367-0659
Violeta Vazquez REALTOR®  Lic.#12262
Violeta Vazquez REALTOR® Lic.#12262
Email Violeta Vazquez
Cell: 787-347-6312

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